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Who needs vents or ventilation valves in plastic windows?

Natural ventilation is required to prevent window fogging and mold. When we changed the wooden windows to plastic ones, we faced the appearance of mold and the problem of window fogging. Wooden windows breathe and plastic NO!

When ventilating the premises, opening the windows loses all the properties of sealed windows, the normal air microclimate is violated, the efficiency of heat utilization is significantly reduced, and the noise level is increased.

Air-Box valves will help you prevent window fogging and mold. There will always be fresh air without noise, dust and drafts. They perfectly represent vents.

Air-Box valves are of two types. Air-Box ECO is a ventilation valve with a filter for people with allergies, which filters the air entering from the outside with noise protection and cleaning the incoming air from pollen, dust, spores and soot from residential, public and industrial buildings with mechanical or natural ventilation and Air - Box - Box Comfort without filtering mechanism, which also perfectly replaces the Soviet vents that were in the wooden windows.

A special function of the Air-Box valve is the possibility to quickly install ventilation without milling the window profile. 40 m 3 of fresh air enters the room within 1 hour through the ventilation valve.

  A special function of the Air-Box valve is the possibility to quickly install ventilation without milling the window profile. This is especially true for renovated apartment buildings, where natural ventilation is further reduced due to the sealing of walls and windows. And additional ventilation was not installed during the renovation of the apartment building.

By adjusting the humidity level indoors, you will strengthen your immune system and thus prevent viral and other diseases: asthma, dry cough, insomnia, allergies, respiratory infections and improve sleep quality. Wet rooms, moldy walls, fogging windows will also be overlooked. Constant ventilation will help you protect yourself and prevent the spread of viruses and other infections.

  • Modern design prevents street dust from entering the premises together with the air flow!
  • Proper indoor ventilation is a key factor in creating a healthy atmosphere. Home ventilation often becomes a problem. Especially when the windows in the premises are installed in front of each other and we create drafts by ventilating the premises.
  • It is known that natural indoor ventilation, when the windows are closed, practically does not work. This is especially noticeable in buildings built with monolithic reinforced concrete structures, but the ventilation of cottages can also be a problem, as opening window vents increases heat loss and, consequently, space heating costs, noise levels and drafts cause discomfort and discomfort.


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