Digital TDS water quality meter

Digital (TDS) water quality meter for water quality monitoring.
It shows the total concentration of dissolved solids in the solution.
Useful for testing drinking water quality (irreplaceable when using water treatment
filters), as well as for laboratory purposes, aquariums, swimming pools, cooking. Kuo
the lower the TDS level in the water, the more efficiently your body cells absorb the drink
water. The higher the TDS level in the water, the greater the chance that it will be in the water
harmful pollutants that can endanger your health or aggravate water molecules
uptake at the cellular level. The water tester is calibrated for use with the TDS
the meter typically shows TDS in parts per million (1 ppm = 1 milligram of dissolved solids)
particles per liter of water) .Shows the water temperature. Measuring range: 1-999
ppm / mg / L.
Auto shut-off function: after 10 minutes of inactivity.
Measurement memory.
Accuracy: ± 2%.
Size: 14.2x2.3x1.3 cm
Batteries: 2 × LR44 (supplied with the device)