RO-6 Filter cartridges

The RO-6 filter, with its computer control, consists of 6 cartridges, which you will have to replace with time, one every half a year, another every year, and some even after a few.

Sediment-filter-cartridge - A mechanical cleaning filter whose function is to physically remove sediment, dirt or any particles using a barrier. This filter removes particles larger than 5 microns. PP filters are made of multilayer microscopic polypropylene fiber. Due to the structure of the fiber pores, dirt is retained.
Granular-carbon-filter-cartridge - In order for the membranes to last longer, it is necessary to pre-treat the water. For this, osmosis systems use pre-treatment filters. A primary filter is a filter that collects particles before water enters the membrane, which is typically more expensive than a primary filter. The membrane is designed to filter the smallest particles. Primary filters help the membrane last longer, as well as save the money you would spend changing the membrane frequently.

Carbon-block-filter-cassette - Carbon block filter consisting of monolithic activated carbon, which removes any organic matter, chlorine, odor and turbidity Compared to the granular carbon filter, the surface area of the carbon block is much larger, as well as larger active centers number, making it up to 25% more efficient than other types of carbon cartridges. Filters out mechanical impurities. Carbon cartridges are especially recommended for surface water treatment.
RO Osmosis Membrane - An ultra-fine porosity (single pore size 0.0001 micron) filter operating on the reverse osmosis principle. When pure water and saline are separated by a semiconducting membrane that passes only water molecules, due to the pressure (concentration) difference on both sides of the membrane, the water molecules pass to the saline side. This process takes until the salt concentration on both sides equalizes. This process is called direct osmosis. Treatment of highly mineralized water with a reverse osmosis membrane creates a pressure in excess of osmotic and forces water molecules to flow through the membrane in the opposite direction to direct osmosis, that is, from highly mineralized water to the pure water section. Membrane holes are much smaller than viruses and bacteria, so they are removed by filtration. Heavy metals, dissolved substances and salts are also removed.

Activated-carbon-filter-cartridge - The final activated carbon filter filter, goes under the membrane and is the last stage of water purification - removes all flavors or odors, improves the taste of treated water.

Mineral-Cassette-Reverse-Osmosis - The reverse osmosis filter removes 96-99% of contaminants, chemicals, dissolved solids, organic and inorganic substances from water. The mineralizing cartridge replenishes the purified water with minerals. 2 '' white body with 1/4 '' connector. Suitable for most reverse osmosis systems on the market. Water is enriched with mineral elements such as: calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium. The amount of minerals in mineralized water is similar to the amount of minerals in bottled mineral water.


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