Window gasket Q-Lon

We recommend replacing the rubber gaskets with German Q -Lon polyurethane gaskets.

Why change gaskets? The service life of rubber gaskets is 5-7 years. If you have not performed any maintenance on the rubber gasket during this period, (you have not cleaned or lubricated with silicone) the rubber gaskets become ineffective and pass cold, noise, and moisture starts to accumulate indoors. Improperly operated rubber gasket loses elasticity, hardens are easily affected by temperature changes: due to heat - it adheres to the window profile, becomes like chewing gum, due to cold - cracks and hardens, so the tightness of the window insulation material decreases, noise from outside easily to the premises. Feeling coolness is felt through the closed windows. Leaking heat is lost through leaky windows.

Advantages of German intermediates

In Germany, the Schlegel gasket has a 5-year warranty. The gasket does not lose its insulating properties for more than 21 years. This gasket does not require additional maintenance throughout its service life. Low thermal conductivity (K) - 0.033 w / mk.

The gasket is resistant to ultraviolet rays of the sun, cold, heat, chemical cleaners, so you will no longer need to reset the window mechanism to summer and winter modes.

Window gaskets or gaskets are sealing strips on which the tightness of the window depends, ie sound and heat insulation. On the one hand, they trap the warm air in the room to prevent it from going outside, and on the other hand, it prevents moisture from entering the room. If you are going to buy new windows, sealing gaskets are usually already included. However, you can also choose another option - to upgrade the windows of the older model already installed, thus increasing their energy efficiency and ensuring that unwanted winds do not blow in the house.

The polyurethane foam used in the production of Q-LON gaskets, which forms the core of the profile, is an extremely elastic material that easily regains its original shape even at very low temperatures. A special and smooth polyethylene gasket surface that protects the profile from ultraviolet rays, difficult weather conditions and contaminants. In addition, it is resistant to any cleaning agents, so the maintenance of gaskets does not require special cleaners that do not contain abrasive particles, bleaching or acidic elements.

Due to the glass fiber thread or polypropylene insert inside these gaskets, the profile does not deform, making it easy to insert into the groove.

Schlegel gaskets are distinguished by seven features:

  1.   aesthetic appearance;
  2.   even when exposed to very low temperatures, the material easily regains its original shape;
  3.   excellent heat retention (transfer coefficient 0.033 W / mk);
  4.   good sound insulation;
  5.   easy to insert quickly and easily, no gasket cut at corners;
  6.   non-siliconized, odorless, does not change color;
  7.   does not complicate closing, abrasion resistant.

Air supply window valves

We offer a professionally tested method to improve air microcirculation in your home!
Modern man, despite a dynamic and mobile lifestyle, still spends a lot of time indoors, both at home and at work, where, as a rule, a lot of people, a lot of office equipment, all this does not help to create a good indoor climate. Office ventilation is also very important because fresh air improves blood circulation and oxygen saturation of the blood, which has a direct impact on a person’s health and work capacity.

Many well-known indoor ventilation problems are related to air circulation problems with the installation of sealed plastic windows. The solution to this problem often requires the use of expensive equipment and considerable costs for its installation and operation.

In the past, the design of apartment buildings or private houses provided for natural ventilation, i.e. when air enters the premises due to a leak in the windows. The installation of sealed plastic windows impairs the design air circulation. This leads to problems in the house, such as: mold, fogging windows.

Ventilation of the premises when the vents are opened loses all the properties of sealed windows, the normal air microclimate is violated. significantly reduces heat efficiency, increases noise levels.

Air supply devices - valves, ensure normative air circulation when the windows are closed, while preserving all the advantages of sealed plastic (PVC) windows!

GECCO ventilation system

It will make warm and airtight plastic windows "breathable". A small fully automatic unit will ensure the necessary indoor air circulation.

GECCO is a device inside which a light metal valve rotates freely about its axis. The position of the valve depends on the strength of the wind. The stronger air flow closes the valve and no air enters. When the wind weakens, the valve opens and the room is ventilated again.

GECCO meets the stringent requirements of energy saving standards.

GECCO advantages:

  • optimal air circulation at normal air pressure;
  • minimum energy loss;
  • constant air change;
  • patented fully automatic ventilation system;there is no drafts, even in strong winds;excellent heat and sound insulation;
  • works without sound;
  • low price;prevents the formation of mold.


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