„Airthink Bed Cleaner“  New Anti-Allergy cleaner airthink bed cleaner couches, carpets, chairs, curtains and the bed, in particular the mattress, are perfect the breeding ground for dust mites, bacteria, parasites and other microorganisms. For them, we must keep them conveniently clean. The system airthink bed cleaner carried to a maximum cleanliness in the home, inhaling micro-particles of up to 0.35 Micron. 1 · Two pads vibratorias airthink bed cleaner uses a patented system to shake the microscopic particles and parasites and out to the surface of the mattress, bedding, throws, chairs, cushions, etc 2 · sterilizing UV-C System Applies directly ultraviolet radiation packs to 254 nm high power, causing bacteria, fungi, the expensive and other agencies dying, leaving surfaces free of contact with our body or substantially reducing its presence in them. 3 · aspiration of dirt and debris at this stage, airthink bed cleaner uses its powerful suction with three modes of power for vacuuming dust, mites and other microorganisms. 4 · Filtering in two stages airthink bed cleaner consists of a cartridge filtration of small size, but of high efficiency, which captures the larger particles. In addition, it has a HEPA microfiltration filter which captures particles of up to 0.35 Micron. This filter does not return to the air and that we can respirarlo, thereby avoiding problems cardiorrespiratorios that produce the microbead lower to 2.25 microns to move the alveolus, and hence to the blood. Technical Features: airthink bed cleaner model name: 500uv-c Nominal voltage: 200 V Frequency: 50 Hz Power: 450 W.